Food Microbiologist

Many of our present clients comment on the fact that they are able to discuss their requirements or results with a qualified Microbiologist rather than a Customer Services representative. We have built a reputation for having a team of qualified food microbiologists available to our clients on line, throughout the working day.

At Fitz a bespoke level of expert support and advise is all part of our micro laboratory

A typical presence/absence test will start with a 25g sample of product, which is directly incubated with a nutritious selective broth medium. This pre-enrichment stage serves to recover stressed target organisms while keeping non-target bacterial growth to a minimum. In the case of Salmonella or Listeria, following incubation, a portion of the incubated pre-enrichment broth is subbed into a more stringent enrichment broth which promotes growth of the target organism and inhibition of others. The final procedure is then to transfer some of the incubated enrichment sample onto selective agar plates which after further incubation can be examined for characteristic colonies.
This multi-stage approach takes considerable time and even if characteristic colonies are recovered, further identification work is needed before the result can be confirmed. 

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