Lansdowne Road Stadium Development – Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Fitz scientific were contracted in early March 2007 by PM Group on behalf of the Lansdowne Road Stadium Development Company (LRSDC) to conduct continuous environmental noise and vibration monitoring at selected monitoring locations at the new Lansdowne Road Stadium development site, Ballsbridge, Co. Dublin. Monitoring is for the duration of the construction activities at the site. The site operates approximately 11 hours a day from 07:00 until 18:00 Monday through Friday and from 08:00 until 14:00 on Saturdays. 
Two permanent outdoor noise monitors, with standard GSM modems for remote download of data, were installed at two selected noise sensitive locations at the site. The outdoor noise monitors are capable of continuous operation when plugged into mains power supply, featuring noise profile (time history) data and automatic remote calibration using electrostatic actuation. Noise data can be downloaded on demand in real-time and used to verify noise nuisance complaints arising from construction activities on site. Noise is produced on site from various activities such as sheet piling, numerous excavator movements about the site, demolition works, electrical equipment (saws, drills, etc.), tracked cranes, general construction works, and other day to day activities. 
Vibration monitoring is conducted at six monitoring locations within the site boundaries, with the aid of a single channel, 3-axis vibration analysers for continuous level recording and event monitoring. Vibration data is downloaded automatically via remote GSM modem to provide real-time monitoring data used to verify public complaints arising from construction works on site. Visual alarms are linked to the Vibration analysers to alert site personnel to exceedences in vibration levels set for the site. Vibration sources at the Lansdowne Road Stadium development site is produced from extensive sheet piling operations as well as some rotary auger piling. 
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