Irish Water has reported a slight increase in pesticide exceedances in drinking water in 2020.

As part of Irish Water's public water supply monitoring programme pesticides have been detected in 81 cases in 2020 compared to 76 in 2019.

Pesticides may also be present in private drinking water supplies where homeowners own private wells may not be protected from contamination. this can occur where shallow wells are present or after heavy rainfall.

The most common detected pesticide in drinking water is MCPA which is used to control thistles, docks and rushes in agricultral land. Other pesticides including 2,4-D, Fluroxypyr, Glyphosate, MCPA, Mecoprop and Triclopyr have also been detected.

Fitz Scientific offer an extensive range of pesticides analysis to ng/L levels, using LCMS/MS and GCMS/MS methodologies. The majority of our methods are accredited to ISO 17025, with some additional compounds currently being validated.

This testing is suitable for compliance and investigative purposes including drinking water for private wells and Group Water Schemes, compliance with Water Framework Directive requirements and research purposes.

To arrange a test on your water supply contuct us on 041 98 45440 or order a test kit online.