Contaminated Soil & Waste Analysis

Fitz Scientific offer a full range of contaminated soil and waste analysis. We offer Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon testing from C8 to C40, with speciated aliphatic and aromatic fractions. We can also provide gasoline, diesel and mineral oil subsets. Our organics testing also include full suites for PAH’s and PCBs.

The laboratory provides full elemental testing, by ICP-MS or OES, on solid and leachate fractions, together with chloride, sulphate and fluoride by ion chromatography. We can analyse total and dissolved organic carbon and can provide asbestos identification on soil and waste samples. Data can be provided on a per sample or per batch basis as PDF or CSV files, as well as .HWOL formats.

For further details on this testing and our comprehensive suite of WAC testing services please contact our accounts management team at or call 041 9845440.