Elemental Analysis

In recent years Fitz Scientific have developed a broad range of elemental testing services. These include the following:

  • ICP-MS – low level parts per billion testing on drinking water, process liquids, environmental surface and groundwaters and some food matrices. Most elements from Lithium to Uranium. Accredited for most water matrices and elements.
  • ICP-OES – mid level parts per million testing for soils, some food matrices and challenging liquid and waste samples.
  • XRF – X Ray high level percentage ranges for most elements from Sodium to Uranium. Non destructive fast testing of liquid, solvent, waste or solid/soil samples.
  • Ion Chromatography – Analysis of Chlorine, Bromine and Fluorine in water samples. We can also analyse using Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) for these elements in solid, solvent, waste or high ion liquid samples.

For further details contact our accounts management team, who will be happy to assist in providing you with an offer of service for your elemental testing requirements. Email sales@fitzsci.ie or call +353419845440.