HWOL Files for HazWasteOnline Classification

We are pleased to announce that Fitz Scientific is now certified to produce .HWOL data files and acronyms that allow the rapid upload of results to HazWasteOnline - customers can obtain these files alongside their normal lab PDF reports

Fitz Scientific is the first Irish lab certified to produce .howl data files.

.HWOL data files allow for the rapid importation of your laboratory data into a waste classification job. Users of Hazwasteonline software use these files to save time, avoiding the need for manual data entry. The format automatically handles moisture correction, separating solids from WAC results and reading the report to pre-process certain determinands so they meet the criteria needed for assessment

This news follows development of a wide range of tests on Soil, Construction & Demolition Waste and General Solid Waste at our dedicated lab in Drogheda including Waste Characterisation (RILTA Suite) , WAC Analysis for Landfill (eg Murphy Suite). Part of this development includes gaining ISO17025 accreditation from INAB for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Criteria Working Group (TPH CWG). We speciate both Aliphatic and Aromatic fractions into C10 to C40 bandings and provides critical data which our customers can use to focus on key potential petrol, diesel, mineral oil or PAH pollutants.

For further details on this testing and our comprehensive suite of WAC testing services please contact our accounts management team at sales@fitzsci.ie or call 041 9845440.