INAB Accreditation Granted for EN 14181 - QAL2 and AST Testing

Fitz Scientific are pleased to announce that we have been granted accreditation by INAB to ISO 17025 and the England & Wales Environment Agency MCERTs Performance Standard to meet the requirements of BS EN 14181:2014 and EN 15259:2007 and the Irish EPA’s AG1, AG2 and AG3 documents. This is primarily for the QAL2 and Annual Surveillance Testing (AST) for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems of air emissions from specific industrial applications.

The requirements of EN 14181 apply to permanently installed Continuous Emissions Measuring Systems (CEMS) used for compliance monitoring, particularly those at installations falling under Chapters III and IV of the IED for large combustion plant and waste incineration. It may also apply to certain installations producing or using organic solvents and titanium oxide

QAL2: A procedure for calibrating the CEMS against the appropriate Standard reference method, once the specific CEMS has been installed. The calibration is performed by the implementation of a calibration function that it is applied in the Data Acquisition and Handling System to the values provided by the CEMS. The process also verifies the installation of the CEMS through functionality testing, and that it meets the measurement uncertainty requirements.

AST: A procedure to evaluate a CEMS on a yearly basis to show that it continues to function correctly, the calibration function remains valid, and that the variability remains within acceptable levels. The process involves carrying out functionality testing and parallel measurements on the CEMS.

While this is not a mandatory requirement in Ireland, it demonstrates Fitz Scientific’s commitment to provide monitoring and testing services to the best world class standards possible. The update adds further scope to our extensive accredited air monitoring tests.

This update is part of a number of exciting investments and improvements we will be making over the coming weeks. We look forward to our continued relationship as your trusted scientific partner.

If you have a requirement for QAL2 or AST monitoring contact our sales team - email or call 041 9845440.