Watermain Disinfection and Testing

The current Irish Water Code of Practice for Water Infrastructure (2017) specifies the requirements for builders, developers and construction companies with regard to new watermain connections.

Disinfection of pipework

Where a new watermain has been laid and pressure testing is completed the pipe must be disinfected to ensure there is no bacteriological contamination of the water supply. A concentration of 20mg/l of free available chlorine must be achieved in the watermain. This must remain for 24 hours. After which time the water must be independently tested to ensure a minimum of 10mg/l remains.

The Code of Practice specifies that the chlorinated water must then be dechlorinated prior to discharge to the public sewer.

Water Quality Testing

Following completion of the disinfection of a new watermain the water must be tested to ensure it complies with the Drinking Water Regulations. The tests to be conducted are E.Coli, Total Coliforms, Enterococci and Clostridia. Samples must be tested by an Independent Laboratory with accreditation to ISO 17025 for the tests required. Irish Water will not allow connection of the watermain until a copy of a satisfactory bacteriological analysis has been submitted to Irish Water.

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