Medium Combustion Plant Directive

The European Union (Medium Combustion Plant) Regulations 2017 were signed into Law in December 2017. Their purpose is to limit emissions to atmosphere from boilers and other stationary combustion plants in the 1 – 50 MWth (thermal input) range. The directive covers all fuel types.

The Regulations limit the level of emissions allowable from new combustion plants from 20th December 2018, while operators of existing MCPs will have longer to comply with stricter emission standards. This will assist in limiting the impact on human health, vegetation and biodiversity which can be caused by air pollution. The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) sets out rules to control emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dust into the air.


The regulations require registration of medium combustion plant except where it is already included on a site holding an Industrial Emissions Licence (IEL) or an Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licence.

Under the Regulations, the operator of a medium combustion plant shall apply to the Agency for registration in the MCP register in accordance with the following time frames:

  • At least two months prior to being put into operation, in the case of new plant;
  • Prior to 1 November 2023 - existing plant with a rated thermal input greater than 5MW;
  • Prior to 1 November 2028 - existing plant with a rated thermal input of less than or equal to 5MW.

New vs Existing Plant

A new MCP is a combustion unit that was first fired on or after 20 Dec 2018. Anything used before that is called existing plant.


Fitz Scientific hold a comprehensive range of accredited stack air monitoring methods meeting ISO 17025 requirements and also the internationally recognised MCERTS requirements of the Environment Agency in the UK. Fitz Scientific can complete the full range of plant emission monitoring including NOx, SO2, CO & Total Dust. Monitoring meets the requirements of the EPA guidance note AG11 for Medium Combustion Plants.

For full details of INAB accredited parameters view our scope of accreditation.

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