Private Drinking Water Well Grant Increase

The Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government have announced an increase to the grant available to homeowners for refurbishment works or installation of a domestic well in rural areas. The maximum grant available for refurbishment has been increased to €3,000 and where a new well is required the maximum amount is €5,000. Refurbishment works include installation of disinfection systems like UV treatment and filters to make sure your water is safe to drink.

To apply for the Well Grant in your area please contact your local authority for an application form.

Am I eligible for a Well Grant?

You are eligible for a Well Grant if:

  • House is over 7 years old
  • You haven’t received a grant to house within last 7 years and
  • You're not connected on a public water supply.

Fitz Scientific offer a fully accredited water testing service to meet the requirements of all Local Authority Well Grant Applications. To order sample containers for your drinking water test please contact us on 041 98 45440.

Further information and application forms: