Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing for Landfill

Fitz Scientific hold a comprehensive range of soil and solid waste testing methods, meeting ISO and other international standards. Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) analysis involves testing the solid sample for contamination and pollutants before disposal in landfills. Water is passed through the material to form a leachate. The leachate is then analysed for the various harmful elements. A certificate of analysis is produced detailing all of the results. The results are compared to established limits and the material is classed as inert, stable non-reactive or hazardous. Parameters which exceed limits are highlighted for ease of identification.

Testing is based on the requirements of:

  • EPA (2020), Guidance on waste acceptance criteria at authorised soil recovery facilities
  • Geotechnical Society of Ireland (2016), Specification & Related Documents for Ground Investigation in Ireland
  • Council Decision (2003/33/EC)

Results can be provided on a per sample or per batch basis as PDF or CSV files, as well as .hwol formats.

Waste Classification Testing

In additional to WAC we also offer our clients a comprehensive array of other suites to be used in the classification of waste. The tests include Murphy Suite, Arup Suite, Drehid Suite, Atlas Suite, Enva Suite and we can offer other custom made suites.

We can provide results in .HWOL file format to be used in the HazWasteOnline application to allow for a Hazardous Waste Classification.

Contaminated Land Investigations

Fitz Scientific offer a full range of contaminated soil and waste analysis. We offer Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon testing from C8 to C40, with speciated aliphatic and aromatic fractions. We can also provide gasoline, diesel and mineral oil subsets. Our organics testing includes full suites for PAH’s and PCBs. We offer full elemental testing, by ICP-MS or OES, on solid and leachate fractions, together with chloride, sulphate and fluoride by ion chromatography. We can analyse total and dissolved organic carbon and can provide asbestos identification on soil and waste samples.

How to arrange a test?

The lifecycle of waste (Soil, Rubble, Dredging) is as follows:

  • Client has excavated waste to move. Is it Inert, Stable non-reactive or Hazardous?
  • Contact is made with Fitz scientific to undertake a Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) test.
  • Fitz Scientific organise the free delivery of sample containers.
  • Sample is taken, see instruction below.
  • Sample is dropped in to our Lab or we organise a courier (alternatively a qualified technician can visit your site and take the sample for you.)
  • Within 8-10 working days results are released, they can be accessed securely online.
  • Waste is disposed of to the appropriate Treatment facility or Landfill.

For information on Waste legislation please refer to the EPA website.

Contact Brian for a quote today on 041 9845440 ext 1 or email sales@fitzsci.ie

Key Features

  • WAC analysis
  • Hazardous Waste Classification
  • HWOL file formats
  • Comparisson with landfill limits
  • All testing completed in-house
  • Nationwide service
  • Sampling service available

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