Surface Water Sampling & Analysis

Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Coastal Waters

We carry out a range of surface water monitoring and testing services. Our field technicians are experts in the taking of samples from lakes, rivers, streams, transitional and coastal waters. Monitoring is carried out in accordance with the Water Framework Directive - Directive 2000/60/EC. Our service encompasses local and national authorities as well as industrial licenced facilities providing surveillance, operational and investigative monitoring.

In summary, we can provide the following services:

  • Surface water sampling and analysis
  • Dangerous substances analysis
  • Flow and load surveys
  • Flow monitoring assessments
  • Discharge applications
  • Point Source Investigations
  • Discharge Impact Assessments
  • Catchment Assessments
  • Q Ratings and Biological Assessments

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Key Features

  • Shore or Boat Sampling
  • INAB Accredited Analysis
  • Fast Turnaround of Results
  • Biological Q Rating Expertise

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