Bergerhoff Dust Monitoring

Bergerhoff dust measurements are long term ambient dust measurements usually carried out over a 30 day period. They provide long term ambient dust data and are usually measured at the perimeter of a building site, landfill site or an industrial activity with the potential to generate dust.

The Bergerhoff Dust Deposition Gauge consists of a plastic collecting
vessel and a stand with a protecting cage. The vessel is placed in the metal basket which is positioned at a height of between 1.5 and 2 meters above ground level according to the German Standard Method VDI 2119 (Measurement of Dustfall,
Determination of Dustfall using Bergerhoff Instrument (Standard Method) German
Engineering Institute).

Fitz Scientific can assist in the development of a long term dust management / monitoring plan. We can provide dust monitoring equipment, sampling equipment, monitoring and testing services. Our experienced environmental scientists can assist your business or activity in any environmental dust monitoring requirements.

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Key Features

  • Full dust monitoring services available
  • On site dust monitoring equipment
  • In-house analysis services
  • Qualified and experienced environmental scientists
  • Dust management planning
  • IPPC Compliant

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