Pipe Chlorination for Watermain Connection

Fitz Scientific carries out water main pipe chlorinations and disinfection on behalf of Local Authorities, Utility Companies, Consulting Engineers & Building Contractors.

Following the installation of a new water main or where a water supply piping system is broken or damaged and is repaired, a pipe chlorination is required. Using a standard operating procedure acceptable to Irish Water, Fitz Scientific can disinfect and test the piping system.

Our trained technicians will come on site and conduct the chlorine dosing of the water main system. The chlorine remains in the pipe for 24 hours after which it is flushed with a clean supply of water. The water in the pipe is then sampled and tested during and after the chlorination.

Accredited Testing

The microbiological testing required is UKAS accredited and takes place at our laboratory in Drogheda. We issue a validated certificate of analysis and report on the chlorination procedure which may be submitted to the local authority. Subject to satisfactory results the piping system is then deemed to be suitable for the supply of drinking water. The piping system can then be commissioned for use.

For further details on our pipe chlorination services, please contact our sales team or our Field Service technicians who will be happy to assist. Contact 041 9845440 or email info@fitzsci.ie

Key Features

  • Chlorine dosing
  • Microbiological Sampling
  • Irish Water Approved Reports
  • Nationwide Service
  • Fast Turnaround of results

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