Domestic & Commercial Drinking Water Testing 

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 3 out of every 10 private wells in Ireland may be contaminated. Regular testing of your drinking water is recommended to ensure it is safe to drink. Fitz Scientific offers a full drinking water testing service for private wells, group water schemes and mains water supplies. All analysis is INAB accredited to ISO17025 standards, giving you confidence that your results are accurate and will be accepted by County Councils for the purpose of Well Grant applications.

Option 1 - Order a drinking water test kit online

A Drinking Water Test Kit can be ordered online and posted out to you within 2 working days. This kit contains bottles, gloves and instructions on how to take your drinking water sample properly. This can be ordered and paid for online here.

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Option 2 - Technician water sampling service

If you require an independent test, you can schedule a Technician from Fitz Scientific to call to your home and take the drinking water sample for you. The cost of this depends on your location so if you wish to contact us with your name, location and phone number, we will reply to your query promptly. This option is required where you intend on applying for a Well Grant.


Well Grant Applications

For all local authorities a trained technician from an accredited laboratory is required to take the sample - not the applicant - so please check in advance with your own local authority that you are following the correct procedure to qualify. To book your drinking water sampling by one of our trained technicians please order online.

Check Drinking Water Suite

Our laboratory scientists use advanced instrumentation to provide accurate results up to 5 times more accurate than a home water testing kit purchased  off the shelf.

The water sample will be tested for our Check Drinking Water Analysis Suite based on the European Union (Drinking Water) Regulations 2023.  The suite includes:

  • E Coli, Total Coliforms, TBC @ 22 C
  • Aluminium, Iron, Manganese
  • Ammonia, Nitrite
  • pH, Colour, Conductivity, Hardness, Turbidity

A Certificate of Analysis will be posted out in 10 working days along with an information sheet on understanding your results.

Extra Parameters: We can also test for a wide range of other parameters including Pesticides, Nitrates, Trihalomethane, THM, Langelier index (indication of corrosiveness), Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Fluoride, Sodium etc.

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Further information:

How to understand your Drinking Water Results Cert

For full details of INAB accredited parameters view our scope of accreditation.

Key Features:

  • Laboratory Testing
  • INAB Accredited
  • Fast Turnaround Available
  • Next Day Sample Bottle Delivery
  • Irish Water Approved
  • 5 times more accurate than home test kits


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