Irelands Food Reformulation Strategy

A healthy diet is of critical importance in maintaining a healthy body weight and minimising the risk of chronic disease including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. As awareness of the impact of diet on health continues to grow, the importance of making informed food choices has never been more significant.

The Department of Health in Ireland has adopted a strategy to improve the nation's well-being by reducing the consumption of calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt. A key aspect of the Food Reformulation Strategy is to ask food manufacturers to use less of these target nutrients in their products. The following targets are proposed to be achieved by 2025:

  • 10% reduction in saturated fats
  • 10% reduction in salt
  • 20% reduction in sugar
  • 20% reduction in calories

Fitz Scientific is well placed to support food businesses and help them meet target reductions. Our laboratory analysis services play a crucial role in this effort by providing accurate, reliable data about the nutritional content of food products.

  • Calorie Determination: Total Energy and Calorie values are provided, helping manufacturers make adjustments to meet reformulation goals
  • Saturated Fat Measurement: Our analysis accurately measures the levels of saturated fats in food products.
  • Sugar Content Analysis: We determine the sugar content providing specific Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose breakdown.
  • Salt Content Evaluation: Measuring sodium content to determine the total salt intake.

There are many resources available to food businesses from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland to assist with your Food Reformulation journey. 

Find out more details about the extensive range of nutritional analysis provided from our Drogheda laboratory or contact us directly for a quote - email or call 041 9845440.