Recycled Aggregates Testing

The EPA has published the National End-of-Waste Criteria for Recycled Aggregates. Construction and demolition waste is one of Ireland’s largest waste streams and the ability to re-use material from sites can assist in reducing the carbon footprint of projects. Recycled aggregates include soil and stone, concrete, bricks and ceramics.

Material that meets the new criteria can be re-used as general fill, road construction, railway ballast and other non-structural uses.

Fitz Scientific provide chemical analysis to assess the suitability of recycled aggregates with regard to the new criteria. Results are provided on both a Certificate of Analysis and a specific report format indicating if the sample tested meets the compliance criteria. Exceedance alerts can be set up for routine samples to alert you to any out of specification samples. All testing is completed in our advanced solids testing laboratory in Drogheda.

Tests include Total & Dissolved Organic Carbon, Hydrocarbons including BTEX & Mineral Oil, PAHs. PCBs, Metals, Sulphate, Fluoride, Chloride and Phenols.

Samples can be delivered to the lab in person or by courier or our team of Field Service Technicians can collect from site.

For a quote or to find out more details about the extensive range of solids analysis provided from our Drogheda laboratory or contact us directly for a quote - email or call 041 9845440.