Private Well Water Testing

Following recent heavy rain and snowfall it is very common for surface water to contaminate your well water. If you have noticed any changes to your tap water, it is recommended to test your water to ensure it is safe to drink. Harmfull bacteria including E Coli, Coliforms and Clostridia are present everywhere in the environment but are only dangerous when they enter your drinking water supply. If your well is properly constructed and sealed there is less risk of contamination however an annual water test is advisable.

The EPA have issued guidance on the procedure for disinfecting your well following contamination. Once the flooding has subsided the well can be disinfected. Following disinfection the water should be tested.

The EPA guidance for protecting your water supply recommends testing at least once per year and includes guidance on treating your water. Fitz Scientific provides a comprehensive Check Drinking Water test accredited to ISO17025 standard and approved by the EPA and Irish Water. You can order a test kit here.