Accredited TPH Aliphatic & Aromatic Speciation

We have recently obtained ISO 17025 accreditation for our validated Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon method using GCxGC technology for soil matrices. This further increases our testing capability of soil Waste Acceptance Criteria and Waste Classification testing as we can now test soils for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Criteria Working Group (TPH CWG). We speciate both Aliphatic and Aromatic fractions into C10 to C40 bandings and provides critical data which our customers can use to focus on key potential petrol, diesel, mineral oil or PAH pollutants.

Fitz Scientific now offer an extensive range of soil and waste classification testing including provision of .hwol files for HazWasteOnline reporting. For further details on this testing and our comprehensive suite of soil testing services please contact our accounts management team at