Potable Water Testing

If you operate a food business that uses water either directly in the production of food products or indirectly in cleaning or processing it is your responsibility to ensure the water meets the basic quality standards set out in EU Legislation and implemented in Ireland under the European Union Drinking Water Regulations, 2014 (S.I. No. 122 of 2014).

The HSE through it's network of Environmental Health Officers monitors and enforces this requirement via inspections and guidance to food business operators (FBOs). The Food Safety Authority of Ireland published this Guidance Document to help FBOs understand and comply with the requirements. 

Fitz Scientific provides the accredited water testing in our Drogheda laboratory to meet this requirement. If you have recently been instructed by your EHO Officer or wish to conduct a water test you can contact us and we can arrange the testing. 

Contact Sales on 041 98 45440 or email info@fitzsci.ie