Legionella Control and Monitoring after COVID-19 closure

As part of the Return to Work Safely Protocol issued by the Department of Health, guidance is given on the precautions to be taken regarding control of Legionella in the workplace.

If you own or operate a hotel, leisure facility, office, dental clinic, hairdressers or other at risk building, you need to put in place control measures to avoid the potential for Legionnaires’ disease before reopening.

Health & Safety Authority

The HSA have issued the document "Control of Legionella Bacteria During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic".

This document should be reviewed by all employers, building owners and managers both during the closure period and before re-opening.

As regular control measured may have been impossible to implement since businesses closed down, the opportunity for Legionella bacteria to proliferate in the water systems has developed. Before reopening a number of key measures must be taken including:

  • Training to other employees and familiarizing them with the Legionella control plan
  • Thorough flushing, cleaning and disinfection of outlets such as taps, showers and toilets
  • Risk assessment review
  • Water testing should also be considered as part of the recommissioning plan.

Fitz Scientific is a certified member of the Legionella Control Association. We are regularly audited and assessed by the LCA for compliance with their Code of Conduct for Service Providers and the Service Standards for Legionella Risk Assessment, Sampling & Analysis Services.

To arrange a Risk Assessment or water testing in your building before reopening contact us on 041 98 45440 enquire now.

Useful Documents:

HSPC / HSE Check List for Hotels and other Accommodation Sites including Hostels

HSE Advice Note 1: Managing Water Systems in Hotels and other Accommodation Sites