Boiler Combustion Efficiency Test

Boiler combustion efficiency testing ensures fuel is being combusted efficiently, so that a process is utilising all available heat energy.

Inefficient boiler combustion can result in the following:

• Exceedances in Emission Limit Values
• Excessive production of smoke and fine dust particles
• Excessive production of Carbon Monoxide
• Heat loss through excess oxygen
• Operational breakdowns and increased maintenance costs
• Health and Safety issues with personnel working in the vicinity of boilerhouse operations

Fitz Scientific can complete a full range of boiler house emissions including the following:

NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, Moisture, exit temperature profile, total dust and PM10 dust

For biogas emissions we can also complete ammonia and CH4.


Key Features

  • Identification of inefficient boiler operations
  • Fuel and Energy Savings
  • Health and Safety air quality assessment
  • Asset maintenance prevention

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