Stack Emissions Monitoring Services

Fitz Scientific are market leaders in the provision of EPA Approved environmental air emissions monitoring.

Our company holds the most comprehensive range of accredited stack air monitoring methods of any Irish company meeting ISO 17025 requirements and also the internationally recognised MCERTS (Monitoring Certification Scheme) requirements of the Environment Agency in the UK. 

Our scope includes the following EPA stack monitoring requirements:

  • AG1 - Site Safety Requirements for Air Emissions Monitoring
  • AG2- Air Emissions Monitoring Guidance Note

From January 2014 the EPA began a schedule of enforcing the requirements of ISO 17025 on all monitoring organisations carrying out contracted air emission monitoring. As part of that policy EPA have issued a number of guidelines that must be met to ensure the generation of consistent, high quality and robust stationary source emissions monitoring data from EPA licensed sites. Any monitoring organisation carrying out emission monitoring for you must meet the requirements of these documents as well as being accredited to ISO 17025.

The MCERTS scheme is run by the UK and Wales Environment Agency. We have an extensive list of methods based on EN, ISO and BS standards.

It is important also to note that our personnel are Level 2 qualified with all relevant technical endorsements.

We carry out air emissions monitoring for multinationals, power generators, incinerators, cement production, lime kilns, crematoria, wet scrubbing systems, thermal oxidisers and boiler systems. We also carry out compliance monitoring for regulatory bodies, and have done so for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency for the past 12 years.

We can provide fuel monitoring services, compliance testing and process plant assessments for a range of air parameters. All stack emissions testing is accredited where required by the EPA.

We can provide point source testing services for Compliance monitoring, Annual Surveillance Tests or QAL2 requirements to BS EN 14181.

Our technicians will assist you in the development of a site specific protocol, which will meet all of your regulatory requirements, ensuring your monitoring is carried out to the highest standards. This will ensure the correct methods are used and that monitoring locations are suitable for the monitoring proposed in accordance with BS EN 15259. We can also carry out homogeneity testing if required.

For full details of UKAS accredited parameters view our scope of accreditation.

We are members of the Source Testing Association.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in meeting your regulatory requirements 041 98 45440 or email 

Key Features

  • EPA Approved
  • MCERTS Accredited
  • ISO 17025 Accredited
  • Nationwide service

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