Bund Integrity Testing

Fitz Scientific offers Bund Integrity Testing as required for the purposes of your EPA IPPC Licence. This is a 7 day bund test to measure the water retention over this period. The standard applied by Fitz Scientific is the British Standard BS8007:1987 - Design of concrete structures for retaining aqueous liquids to undertake bund testing.

What is a bund?

A bund is a containment vessel for tanks holding potentially environmentally hazardous liquids. Bunds should be constructed to hold 110% of the volume of the largest container or 25% of the total volume of containers if there are multiple containers; whichever is the greater.

Bunds must be inspected and tested annually to ensure they are capable of retaining liquids in the event of a leak or burst tank.

The integrity of bunds can be impacted over time, due to collisions, extreme weather events, such as freezing, or general wear and tear. It is critical that bunds are regularly tested to ensure they meet the requirements of any future events. A faulty or damaged bund will not retain liquids in the event of a major spillage and will have a serious impact on local groundwater and surface water quality.

Our team provide a full report and interpretation of results for your IPPC licence.

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